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My name is bingo, i'm a monkey, i like to climb on things, can i have a banana? eep. eep.
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I help my mom at her store, i help my church & my friends

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I Like to collect the Disney/Pixar Cars Die-cast, & i like to race on foot & on woc.com


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03/02/08 At 8:00 PM Pacific Time In The U.S.A. Is When It Starts, & 12:00 AM Pacific Time In The U.S.A. Is When It Ends, Members Are Welcome To Stay Late, Please Keep It Clean & Have A Good Time, If This Gets Over 6 Members In The Whole Room, We'll Have A Weekly Chat Night! You'll Also Meet Other Members In The Room & Maybe Make Some New Friends! I'll Be In The Whole Time To Chat, Have A Good Time & Monitor The Night Please No Swearing & No Inappropriate Flirting...
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